Read these Important Electrical Safety Tips for Your Kids

Read these Important Electrical Safety Tips for Your Kids

Children are always curious and are easily prone to the dangers of electricity. This is why it is imperative for parents to teach the hazards of electricity & electric shock to their children. To keep your children safe from the dangers of electricity, make sure you follow these important safety tips suggested by expert electrical contractors in Hertfordshire:

Safety Tips to Follow at Home:

1. Never place your fingers or any other object directly onto the light bulb socket or electrical outlet.

2. Do not get in contact with small appliances, such as steam iron or toasters, even when they are switched off.

3. Keep away appliances from water sources such as bathtub, sink and the like.

4. Water and electricity is never a good combination. Do not touch any electrical device or appliance such as toaster, switch or hair dryer with watery hands.

5. Make sure to keep the electrical cords away from bathroom, sinks and other water sources.

6. Never forget to unplug the electrical appliance from the socket, before cleaning it.

7. If you are wet, refrain from using any electrical appliance.

8. Keep away electrical cords and wires from heat sources such as kitchen stove.

9. If you notice a worn or damaged electrical cord, notify an adult immediately.

10.  Never yank an electric cord to pull the electrical plug out of the wall socket.

Safety Tips to Follow Outdoors:

1. Do not climb trees that are close to power lines or have power lines running through it.

2. Never go out swimming during an electrical storm.

3. Never, ever attempt to touch any electric power line. These are live wires carrying thousands of watts of power.

4. If you see an electrical wire hanging down, do not get close to it and have your adult contact the emergency service immediately.

5. Do not throw any objects, such as your toys or sneakers towards the electric power lines.

6. Never fly drones or remote controlled airplanes close to the overhead power lines. Use them in open and clear areas such as fields or playgrounds, instead.

7. Never use electric poles to hang any banners or signs.

8. If you are wet, standing in a swimming pool or a puddle, do not touch any electrical appliance or an electronic toy.

9. Do not enter electric substations. If your pet has entered the area, ask for an adult’s help, rather than trying to get it yourself.

10. While carrying long objects such as a ladder, be careful to avoid getting in contact with a wire that’s close to the ground.

The chances of electrocution and electric injuries can be greatly reduced by following these 20 important electric safety tips highlighted by Hertfordshire electrical contractors. Teach your kids these rules right away to prevent electric accidents.

These are the 6 Qualities of an Ideal Electrician

These are the 6 Qualities of an Ideal Electrician

Everyone, at some point, would require the help of an electrician when they encounter an electrical repair and maintenance at their home or office. An electrician is primarily responsible to conduct electrical repairs of any kind. With a plethora of electrical services around, it is hard for a customer to find an ideal electrician who can offer a reliable service. To assist you in finding the right domestic electrician in Hertfordshire, here are 6 qualities you need to lookout for:

1. Qualified and Certified:

A good electrician will be qualified and certified in the field. Various educational programs and certification courses are available to enhance the knowledge, skills and capabilities of an electrician. A person who’s qualified in such courses will be more proficient and capable in offering you the service.

2. Experienced:

An ideal electrician will have a certain level of experience in offering electrical repair services. With years of experience under their belt, a good electrician can swiftly identify the underlying problem and determine the accurate solution that can resolve the same. Such electrician will also be well versed with the ins and outs of the business.

3. Honesty:

One of the most important factors of an ideal electrician is being honest with their clients. Certain electricians are only money-oriented and would simply offer a mediocre service, just for the sake of making good cash. On the flip side, an honest electrician is someone who puts their clients’ interests above their own, and delivers the best service that satisfies customer requirements.

4. Follows Safety Precautions:

A good electrician will always adopt necessary safety precautions while performing the repair works for the safety of you and your family. All necessary steps will be taken to protect himself/herself as well as your property from possible damages. Don’t forget to ask if the electrician is insured, which will explain if they abide by the safety rules.

5. Adopts the Right Technology:

A good electrician will also make it a point to update himself on the latest technological developments associated with electrical repair works. They will use the newest and the most advanced equipment that will offer an improved and more accurate electrical repair work than ever before. Incorporating the latest technology and using better equipment is imperative for a proficient electrician.

6. Accurate Price Estimate:

An honest electrician will offer you an appropriate price estimate of their service, before you make a decision. If they couldn’t arrive at an estimate, they will ask you for a visit to your place, to analyze the situation and create an estimate.

These are some of the most important qualities possessed by a reliable domestic electrician in Hertfordshire. When you are looking to hire one, evaluate them on the basis of the aforementioned qualities.

Electrical Safety Tips to Make Your Home a Safe Place to Live

Electrical Safety Tips to Make Your Home a Safe Place to Live

Everyone wants their home electrical system to be operated at safe levels to keep their loved ones from suffering serious injury. Electrical dangers are not common but we should be cautious in avoiding such extremely dangerous situations. Here is a whittled list of electrical safety tips from the leading electrical contractors in Hertfordshire to avoid electrical accidents occurring in your home.

Damage on Electrical Cords

The most common electrical hazard that occurs in home and residential locations is damage in electrical cord. From the kitchen to the living room, cords are everywhere. So, we have listed a few tips to avoid electric cord hazards.

  • Check and repair damaged electric cords
  • Unplug plugs by pulling heads not by cords
  • Avoid overloading outlets with multiple cords
  • Unplug malfunctioning appliances
  • Minimise the use of extension cords

Temperature Levels of Water Heater

Did you know when water temperature is hotter than 120 degrees it only takes a few seconds for a person to suffer second or third-degree burns? This is caused by the improper temperature setting of water heater. Adjusting the temperature between 110 and 120 can prevent accidental scalding.

Overloaded Circuits

The warning signs of overloaded circuit are,

  • Fuses keep blowing indicating a serious problem with your home wiring.
  • Whenever you switch on an electrical appliance lights become dim.
  • Sparking or sizzling noises from a power outlet.
  • You can feel the heat near power outlets which indicates that wiring is overloaded.

How to Prevent It?

  • Get your home electrical works done by a qualified or licensed electrician.
  • Don’t use an extension cord as a permanent solution to a wiring problem.
  • Never tape circuit breakers to the “on” position to prevent tripping. If you do this, it could result in wiring overheating and increase the chances of a fire at home.

Other Electrical Safety Tips for Winter

  • Check whether all the chords are in good working condition clean the dust off any covers or wire cages, before putting your portable fans into storage.
  • Adjust the thermostats of your fridge and freezer to avoid any havoc with your settings.
  • Make sure that the electrical safety switch in your home is working normally.
  • Ensure your fire extinguishers and fire blankets are within their use-by date.
  • Test your smoke alarm to make sure it is in proper working condition.

In addition to these, review all electrical wiring and appliances around your home to ensure that they are free of any loose electrical wires and cords. Contact your local Hertfordshire electrical contractors to replace any damaged electrical equipment at your home. They will also get your equipment repaired if the equipment is good enough to be repaired.

Green Electrical Services to Become Energy Efficient and Save Costs

Green Electrical Services to Become Energy Efficient and Save Costs

Energy-efficient homes and industries are good news for both environment and economy, and have been becoming increasingly popular in UK. Having an energy efficient home or office in UK means you are saving more on your electric bills, increasing home electrical efficiency, and cutting carbon emissions. Even making a simple change in your home’s electrical connection or appliances can make a great difference in your energy consumption. These changes can be incorporated in your home or industrial electrical connection only with the help of a professional electrical contractor in Hertfordshire.

In this article, we list a few energy saving and carbon emission reducing tips.


Did you know industrial lighting accounts for 30% of total energy usage in most commercial buildings? This power consumption can be reduced by re-lamping the existing lighting fixtures with LEDs, CFL and energy-saving halogen lighting. By this way, you can save up to 80% compared to staying the course with out-dated incandescent lamps. These electrical changes are easy and very quick to execute.

Power Controls

With the advent of technology, today there are a myriad number of power control solutions available in the market that can help reduce costs and energy usage in industry. To improve the usable power available to equipment and maximise energy efficiency, power fraction correction can be used. The unwanted noises and harmonics from the power lines can be eliminated by using active harmonic control. This also helps you to save more energy and minimise the wear and tear on electrical equipment.


Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is nothing but the concurrent generation of usable heat and electric power with a long payback period. This process can significantly reduce energy costs, consumption and CO₂ emissions when sized and installed properly.

Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling

The heating and cooling systems in our home or office consumes 20% to 40% of a building’s energy consumption and the number is quite large. Energy efficiency in heating and cooling system is achieved by replacing aging and inefficient boilers and cooling units with modern versions. The modern heating and cooling appliances come with great energy star ratings compared to other conventional heating or cooling supplies.

Intelligent Lighting Controls

Incorporating intelligent lighting controls in your home or factory buildings allow you to save more than 40% of energy consumption attributed to lighting. In intelligent lighting system, the light fittings are individually controlled to turn them off or dim them when conditions are ideal. These controls can also be optimised to take full advantage of daylight savings and maximising off period times by using them in conjunction with light-level and motion sensors.

Saving energy in your business cuts costs on energy bills whereas saving energy in your business can significantly reduce your operating costs and your impact on the environment.  So, hire the right home and industrial electrical installation contractors in Hertfordshire to ease your budget.