Energy-efficient homes and industries are good news for both environment and economy, and have been becoming increasingly popular in UK. Having an energy efficient home or office in UK means you are saving more on your electric bills, increasing home electrical efficiency, and cutting carbon emissions. Even making a simple change in your home’s electrical connection or appliances can make a great difference in your energy consumption. These changes can be incorporated in your home or industrial electrical connection only with the help of a professional electrical contractor in Hertfordshire.

In this article, we list a few energy saving and carbon emission reducing tips.


Did you know industrial lighting accounts for 30% of total energy usage in most commercial buildings? This power consumption can be reduced by re-lamping the existing lighting fixtures with LEDs, CFL and energy-saving halogen lighting. By this way, you can save up to 80% compared to staying the course with out-dated incandescent lamps. These electrical changes are easy and very quick to execute.

Power Controls

With the advent of technology, today there are a myriad number of power control solutions available in the market that can help reduce costs and energy usage in industry. To improve the usable power available to equipment and maximise energy efficiency, power fraction correction can be used. The unwanted noises and harmonics from the power lines can be eliminated by using active harmonic control. This also helps you to save more energy and minimise the wear and tear on electrical equipment.


Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is nothing but the concurrent generation of usable heat and electric power with a long payback period. This process can significantly reduce energy costs, consumption and CO₂ emissions when sized and installed properly.

Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling

The heating and cooling systems in our home or office consumes 20% to 40% of a building’s energy consumption and the number is quite large. Energy efficiency in heating and cooling system is achieved by replacing aging and inefficient boilers and cooling units with modern versions. The modern heating and cooling appliances come with great energy star ratings compared to other conventional heating or cooling supplies.

Intelligent Lighting Controls

Incorporating intelligent lighting controls in your home or factory buildings allow you to save more than 40% of energy consumption attributed to lighting. In intelligent lighting system, the light fittings are individually controlled to turn them off or dim them when conditions are ideal. These controls can also be optimised to take full advantage of daylight savings and maximising off period times by using them in conjunction with light-level and motion sensors.

Saving energy in your business cuts costs on energy bills whereas saving energy in your business can significantly reduce your operating costs and your impact on the environment.  So, hire the right home and industrial electrical installation contractors in Hertfordshire to ease your budget.