Children are always curious and are easily prone to the dangers of electricity. This is why it is imperative for parents to teach the hazards of electricity & electric shock to their children. To keep your children safe from the dangers of electricity, make sure you follow these important safety tips suggested by expert electrical contractors in Hertfordshire:

Safety Tips to Follow at Home:

1. Never place your fingers or any other object directly onto the light bulb socket or electrical outlet.

2. Do not get in contact with small appliances, such as steam iron or toasters, even when they are switched off.

3. Keep away appliances from water sources such as bathtub, sink and the like.

4. Water and electricity is never a good combination. Do not touch any electrical device or appliance such as toaster, switch or hair dryer with watery hands.

5. Make sure to keep the electrical cords away from bathroom, sinks and other water sources.

6. Never forget to unplug the electrical appliance from the socket, before cleaning it.

7. If you are wet, refrain from using any electrical appliance.

8. Keep away electrical cords and wires from heat sources such as kitchen stove.

9. If you notice a worn or damaged electrical cord, notify an adult immediately.

10.  Never yank an electric cord to pull the electrical plug out of the wall socket.

Safety Tips to Follow Outdoors:

1. Do not climb trees that are close to power lines or have power lines running through it.

2. Never go out swimming during an electrical storm.

3. Never, ever attempt to touch any electric power line. These are live wires carrying thousands of watts of power.

4. If you see an electrical wire hanging down, do not get close to it and have your adult contact the emergency service immediately.

5. Do not throw any objects, such as your toys or sneakers towards the electric power lines.

6. Never fly drones or remote controlled airplanes close to the overhead power lines. Use them in open and clear areas such as fields or playgrounds, instead.

7. Never use electric poles to hang any banners or signs.

8. If you are wet, standing in a swimming pool or a puddle, do not touch any electrical appliance or an electronic toy.

9. Do not enter electric substations. If your pet has entered the area, ask for an adult’s help, rather than trying to get it yourself.

10. While carrying long objects such as a ladder, be careful to avoid getting in contact with a wire that’s close to the ground.

The chances of electrocution and electric injuries can be greatly reduced by following these 20 important electric safety tips highlighted by Hertfordshire electrical contractors. Teach your kids these rules right away to prevent electric accidents.